Electronic Anti-theft Systems cut down pilferage during the festive shopping rush

Electronic Anti-theft Systems cut down pilferage during the festive shopping rush

Date: Nov 11, 2020

The festive season brings in increased sales and more pilferage losses. The shopping rush makes it easier for shoplifters to pilfer and get away.

Stores can increase staffing, organise better, modify store layout, even limit the number of items that can be taken into a trial room.

The easier way, of course is with SureCheck® electronic anti-theft systems.

There are 5 reasons why our electronic anti-theft systems deliver more for every rupee of yours.

Better EAS technology
At the heart of SureCheck EAS is technology from Europe that protects merchandise across the Western world in supermarkets, department stores, fashion outlets and other retail chains. The EAS technology has been adapted to cater to Indian conditions with support and service a phone call away.

Ahead of the curve
SureCheck EAS provides features that keep it ahead of pilferers:

  • Booster tag detection
  • Magnetic detacher detector
  • Jammer detector

The moment the electronic anti-theft system detects the entry of these anti-EAS devices, staff is alerted at once so that the problem of article theft is nullified right in the beginning itself.

Ideal EAS for groceries
The hybrid SureCheck electronic anti-theft system manages AM as well as RF tags giving retailers the flexibility they desire. Not only does this hybrid EAS handle legacy issues, but it also serves supermarkets and grocery stores with a range of items suited to a mix of AM and RF tags.

Concealed EAS
SureCheck also offers a concealed electronic anti-theft system that serves a dual purpose:

  • It can be installed in areas that may not have the required tag detection width
  • For a store wanting to focus on interiors, the concealed system is perfect as it performs its anti-theft activity without being visible.

Trial room solution
SureAssistTM is a breakthrough technology solution for protecting merchandise by tackling trial room pilferage, without challenging privacy and surveillance laws. This solution offers a range of benefits:

  • Detects magnet detachers in the fitting or trial room
  • Wireless transmission of information to pager
  • Easy installation, simple cabling, one control unit can serve up to 6 fitting rooms (within 250cm)
  • POE supply to system.

This system can also be equipped with a function of “call for assistance” button to help customers with sizing and colour options at the trial room itself.

So, go with SureCheck® electronic anti-theft systems from SureSolutions and cut down pilferage in the festive season.