Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Legacy

Our legacy at SureSolutions™ stems from Deki Electronics Ltd, India’s leading electronic components manufacturer. While Deki’s expertise is film capacitors, we bring the same solution-oriented DNA to our part of the business.

Quality is not just a word for us and we think of ourselves as partners with our customers.

A problem, for us, is the precursor of a new way of doing things and, we understand not just technology but also how to get the most out of it.

We came about to focus on the idea of “increasing business efficiency” and we have remained true to it. From retail security when we started out, to immersive video today, we have ensured that we add value to whatever we offer.

Our manufacturing roots ensure that our solutions are built for Indian conditions. Being customer-centric means assured support. After all, we are not system integrators but solution providers.

Living up to a legacy takes some doing.

We Deliver Efficiency

Efficiency is what we deliver at SureSolutions™. Business efficiency.

The SureCount™ suite of people counting solutions provides real-time data that is accessible on the Web with easy-to-use data analytics. Users can evaluate and compare performances, boost efficiency of market practices, track peak sales period, identify high performing stores and design effective retail policies.

SureCheck™ electronic anti-theft system offers a variety of technologies to cater to client needs. It leads to a reduction in staff deployment and shoplifting losses thereby increasing in profit margins. The possibility of a built-in display system helps in branding and promotions leading to a faster ROI.

SureAssist™Trial Room Solution is a unique solution to protect merchandise theft that happens in Trial Room. A unique way to detect the presence of change in magnetic field and measure a particular Gz shift in an enclosed area.

SureDisplay™ digital paper solutions reduce wastage and connect seamlessly with a server for timely and accurate information updates across specific or all business locations.

SureTrack™ makes the logistical movement of goods easier, faster and simpler with an RFID-based eco-system. Tracking items from the warehouse to checkout is now just a mouse-click away.

Innovation is Key

At SureSolutions™ we believe that innovation is key to the work that we do.

Innovation can come in small increments seen in the development of our SureCount™ range of people counting solutions. We have added technologies, improved accuracy and delivered robust, scalable systems to our clients.

Sometimes, innovation opens up a new dimension just like the SureDisplay™ digital paper solution. It provides automated, enterprise-wide information updates, for example, price labelling in sync with a retail chain’s store operations. SureDisplay™ connects seamlessly with the POS system for timely and accurate updates with a revolutionary e-ink based solution that cuts down wastage. 

Or, take SureTrack™, the RFID-based, warehouse to checkout tracking solution that is helping the retail sector. SureTrack™ speeds up logistic processes, saves time and cuts costs and can be integrated with the SureCheck™ electronic anti-theft system for seamless integration that provides great security.