Deki Group

Deki has been synonymous with film capacitors for long. This is now changing as Deki expands into newer businesses.

SureSolutions division provides comprehensive solutions for the retail industry, including electronic anti-theft systems, people counting and electronic shelf labelling.

IPEC India Pvt Ltd is a joint venture formed in 2017 with a vision to become a leading provider of power electronics products and solutions in e-mobility and energy storage.

IPEC Drive Systems Pvt Ltd (IDS) is an Indo-Finnish partnership that is reimagining electric mobility. The company is a joint venture between IPEC India Pvt Ltd and L7 Drive Ltd of Finland.

Deki Power Roll Pvt Ltd is a new joint-venture offering Asian markets a world-class, innovative range of energy storage devices, developed in collaboration with Power Roll Limited, UK. These devices offer significant benefits and advantages over existing technologies.