Presenting a sure way to stop the threat of tailgating.

Presenting a sure way to stop the threat of tailgating.

Date: Jan 30, 2021

Ideal for R&D labs, IT centres, government offices, and other high-security areas.

Tailgating is the passage of unauthorized personnel, either forced or accidental, behind or with an authorized user. It is a widespread security breach that can affect businesses and often goes undetected. 

Tailgating not only puts property, data, and people of an organization at risk, it can also inflict losses on businesses from damage to brand and reputation. For service industries where controlled access is required, this can also lead to loss of revenue.

SureSolutionsTMoffers a range of solutions that enhance business efficiency for various sectors. From people counting solutions to electronic shelf labeling solutions to automatic occupancy control, the SureSolutions product portfolio is helping a large number of businesses to optimize and increase their efficiency. The SureCount® Anti-Tailgate Solution is one more such offering.

This Anti-Tailgate Solution is a powerful addition to access control systems, providing detection of someone following a valid cardholder through a controlled door.

Suitable for use with most access systems it provides an effective means to increase door security.

Key Benefits

  • Increased door security
  • Detects unauthorized entry
  • Enforces use of card/token
  • Improves roll-call accuracy


  • High detection rate of people tailgating
  • Low False Alarm Rate
  • Unique thermal imaging technology operates in any lighting conditions
  • Relay interface to access control system
  • Air-Lock option for interlocked doors
  • May be used as 'Wrong Way' detector

The SureCount® Anti-Tailgate Solution works in conjunction with an access control system to detect a person following a cardholder through a controlled door. The Tailgate Detector is based on the Irisys high-accuracy thermal imaging people counting technology, detecting people by their body heat. It operates by receiving a signal from the access system for each valid cardholder accepted at a door and comparing the number of valid cards with the number of people entering. In the event that someone follows a valid cardholder through the door without presenting a valid card/token, a tailgate alarm output is generated.

The tailgate alarm may be used to trigger a response appropriate to the application:

  • Sound a local buzzer at the door to allow the person tailgating to be challenged by staff
  • Record a tailgate alarm on the security system to allow daily/weekly reports to be generated
  • Trigger live CCTV images to be displayed for an operator to action a response
  • Trigger an integrated response for the security system to record tailgate alarm, time/date, cardholder opening door, and digital
  • CCTV images of persons entering

The SureCountSureCount® Anti-Tailgate Solution operates with most access control systems requiring only a simple relay interface. For the installing engineer, the unit is configured using a simple set-up programme. An airlock configuration may be enabled for interlocked door applications.

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