Lose Less Earn More

SureCheck® Electronic Anti-theft Systems are based on a contactless technology that provides increased security and can be used across a variety of retail outlets. These range from supermarkets to clothing stores to, even libraries.

Add the RFID option and SureCheck® gives you a warehouse-to-shelf tracking solution.

SureCheck® offers Acousto-Magnetic (AM) as well as Radio Frequency (RF) based Electronic Anti-theft Systems. So, you can choose the best system that meets your needs with reliable functioning, online data and store management, and remote maintenance services.

The SureCheck® advantage:

  • Designed and built for Indian operating conditions
  • More value for money with lower initial costs
  • Low power consumption
  • Versatile, efficient and faster ROI
  • Value adding enhancements
  • More than 25,000 installations across the world.
  • RFID ready

Safeguard your merchandise unobtrusively

Use the SureCheck® door and floor systems that hardly intrude into the store interior.

Thanks to the slim and transparent pedestals the SureCheck® door EAS hardly intrudes into the shop interior and yet makes its presence felt to potential shoplifters. The system provides protection to shop exits/entrances up to 1.82 m (6 feet) wide. The pedestal is ideally mounted on door jambs and, as a result, the installation does not require any drilling and cutting of the floor.

In the case of the SureCheck® floor AM systems, the antenna can be installed with or without ferrite as required. All AM systems have built-in detection of AM jammers and the system can be configured remotely, if connected to the Internet, which allows almost immediate service intervention.

Advanced features

SureCheck® adapts to your requirements with advanced features for added safety. With metal and magnet detectors, for example. It even provides branding options for in-store promotion which translates into faster ROI.

Add the RFID option and SureCheck® gives you a warehouse to shelf tracking solution. With better inventory control and better efficiencies, you get even better ROI.