Our Gobal Partner IRISYS for FootFall Solutions and People Count Solutions: 

For Airports:
In India SureSolutions have implemented at major airports

Retail Outlets and Malls - FootFall Metrics provides a very important component for evaluating performance and conversions
In India we have been able to implement these at major retail chains including BATA, M&S, Lifestyle and many others reputed groups

And Much More International Case Studies- and for other projects we have executed in India please send-in your queries to or call 9911556562

Count Better Know More

SureCount®, the retail people counting system from SureSolutions is a smart solution that provides you with accurate footfall data. 

Web reporting by the SureCount® people counting solution gives you all your needed statistics at your fingertips. Reports range from daily distribution over the hours to comparative reports among stores, types, cities, regions. Just choose the data you want and it is there for you.

With accurate people counting you can enhance business efficiency with footfall vs. conversion as a measure of store management and you get benefits like:

Comparisons across:

  • Regions
  • Store locations
  • Store to store
  • Weekends versus weekdays
  • Seasonal/festival

Increased effectiveness in:

  • Staff schedule optimization
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Peak and lean period assessment

The SureCount® people counting advantage:

  • Valuable India experience since 2006
  • In-house development team to cater the dynamic needs of the retail industry.
  • World-class sensing technologies by global partners
  • Widely accepted solutions for all kind of People Counting requirements
  • Choice of technologies available
  • Standalone GPRS system which makes it real-time wireless data transfer.
  • Reduced Turn Around Time (RAT)
  • Over 6000 operational installations and counting.

The SureCount® system is based on thermal technology from Irisys.

The Irisys thermal technology benefits:

  • No privacy or security issues with people counting sensors as no image is take

  • Unaffected by ambient light levels – functions well in a wide variety of conditions from low light to bright light

  • People counting sensor works by detecting emission from a moving target which means background features are completely ignored
  • Better accuracy at high volumes

Move up to SureCount Pro®

So what’s the game changer in Sure Count Pro®? 

SureCount Pro® allows you to dig deep into your people count data and analyze trends, patterns and make smart decisions based on the data like never before. 
As an advanced analytics platform, we call it PLAYGROUND, SureCount Pro® allows you to play with any data size in just seconds.

Ready dashboards allow you to analyze data visually. And it becomes better with user-defined and customizable reports. Advanced business intelligence allows you to make sense of all the data in a visual format. No more combing through large spreadsheets when you can have it all at your fingertips.


What makes SureCount Pro® different?

  • Integrated big data analytics.
  • Extremely fast data store that allows real-time aggregation in TBs of data.
  • No need to pre-process the data, just create a playground and start analyzing.
  • One click to create a PLAYGROUND.
  • Artificial intelligence will create a playground automatically for you.