Theft Prevention in Jewellery Stores

Theft Prevention in Jewellery Stores

Date: Feb 11, 2021

Preventing theft in a jewelry store is easier said than done.

But SureCheck® EAS systems can help you in reducing the risk if not eliminating it. Out of the five types of theft that put a jewelry store at risk, there are at least two that can be mitigated with SureCheck®.

SureCheck® Electronic Article Surveillance systems are brought to you by SureSolutionsTM who offer a range of solutions that enhance business efficiency for various sectors. From people counting solutions to electronic shelf labeling solutions to automatic occupancy control, the SureSolutions product portfolio is helping a large number of businesses to optimize and increase their efficiency. The SureCheck® EAS Solution is one more such offering.

Let us consider the two types of theft that we are referring to.

The first is ‘sneak theft’ where the criminal will try to pocket some of the merchandise if they believe the salesperson is not attentive enough to notice. The articles may be picked while the salesperson is busy with something else.

The second is ‘switch theft’ that entails switching the actual, genuine piece of jewelry with a fake, lookalike piece. The store may have been ‘cased’ prior to the switch during a previous visit to the store by either the same person or even an accomplice.

While you may train the staff to take all laid down precautions, an error may be made resulting in a loss to the jewelry store.

This is where SureCheck® EAS system comes in.

When it comes to high-cost merchandise protecting it using security tags is one of the most effective means of combatting theft. Not only do visible tags provide a deterrent to shoplifting, electronic article surveillance tags alert staff immediately to potential theft.

These security tags are small and lightweight yet tamper-resistant. Virtually weightless, the tags allow normal customers to see and try the merchandise without getting in the way. A unique design and durable material make it virtually impossible for shoplifters to cut or break any part of the tags.

The SureCheck® EAS system offers a range of pedestals that suit your store and space requirements that make the security tags effective.

Protect your Jewellery and other high-value merchandise with SureCheck®.


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