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World's Leading Brands believe in SureCheck EAS Solutions

World's Leading Brands believe in SureCheck EAS Solutions

EAS or Electronic Article Surveillance Systems are primarily systems which are installed at Entry and Exit of stores and products are tagged inside the store.  Anybody trying to walk-out without invoicing the product sets an alarm.  Records from the World and India shows that due to lack of awareness or errors in reporting a Retail Chain loses close to 2% of turnover to pilferage.  

Reasons of theft or pilferage are many but atleast 60% of the theft is external theft - caused due to a disease called kleptomania or spur of the movement theft.  Though they are classified as unintentional, it still is loss for a retailer.  Organized crime is also increasing across the world where people use booster bags and magnets to remove tags.

SureCheck a subsidiary of Deki Electronics with its partner from Europe has been at the cutting edge of technology in developing latest Hybrid solutions- which detects all types of tags and labels available in the market working at 8.2 Mhz or 58.2 Khz.  We also are leaders in supplying AM-58.2 KHz solutions and RF-8.2Mhz solutions.  

We believe that our expertise in technology and manufacturing has helped us in catering to our customers right from Landmark-Lifestyle, Blackberry's in all their stores.  

Our Concealed EAS solutions also have caught up and with premier installations in India we have been able to provide protection to products with concealed solutions.

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