A survey of retail crime and loss in the world says India has the highest retail shrinkage in the world - between 1.5% to 3.2%. Of the total shrinkage, the shoplifting theft rate in the country is at 45%, higher than the global average rate of 43%. When it comes to trial room shoplifting, it’s impossible to accurately gauge the total loss. However, the anonymity provided is still the shoplifter’s best friend and around 60% -70% of pilferage happens inside the trial room. Changing privacy and surveillance laws had made it more and more difficult to combat trial room thefts.

Fitting rooms have long been a “safe haven” for shoplifters. Effectively controlling fitting room theft was getting more and more difficult.

SureSolutionsTM along with Callidus launched another breakthrough technology for protecting merchandise for retailers by tackling trial room pilferage, without challenging privacy and surveillance laws