Cut down store shoplifting with SureAssist Trial Room Solution

Cut down store shoplifting with SureAssist Trial Room Solution

Date: Dec 11, 2020

The SureAssistTM Trial Room Solution from SureSolutions® is a versatile, two-in-one performer.

From people counting solutions to electronic shelf labeling solutions to automatic occupancy control, the SureSolutions product portfolio is helping a large number of businesses to optimise and increase their efficiency and SureAssistTM is another such product.

This Trial Room Solutionis a breakthrough technology solution for protecting merchandise by tackling trial room pilferage, without challenging privacy and surveillance laws. 

SureAssistTM is different from the usual tag detection EAS systems because, instead of detecting the presence of tags, this system detects the presence of magnetic detachers in the trial room.

As any garment retailer will know, magnet detachers are one of the ways in which a hard tag can be made ineffective and merchandise taken out, for example, by exchanging an authentic, high value piece of merchandise with a low-cost fake item or even wearing multiple garments before walking out of the store.

In a trial room, which cannot be covered by CCTV or any other intrusive technology for privacy or surveillance reasons, the SureAssistTM Trial Room Solution works extremely well on account of its passive detection.

In addition to the detection of magnet detachers in the fitting or trial room, the SureAssistTM Trial Room Solution offers benefits that include:

  • Wireless transmission of information to pager – Staff is alerted immediately so that preventive action can be taken
  • Easy installation, simple cabling, one control unit can serve up to 6 fitting rooms (within 250cm) – Cuts down on costs and time for installation
  • POE supply to system – Works without the need of any electrical source.

Not just this, the SureAssistTM Trial Room Solution also helps shoppers to save time and for the store to streamline trial room usage. By equipping the system with a function of “call for assistance” button, customers can ask for help with sizing and colour options at the trial room itself.

Floor staff are alerted on pager about the assistance required and can provide the required colour options or sizes to the trial room itself thus speeding up the trial process and providing the customer a better, more personal shopping experience.


Call Arun Menon, National Sales Manager, on +91 9311556639 or email for more details and how the SureAssistTM Trial Room Solution can work for you.