Controlling entry into enclosed spaces is now very easy.

Controlling entry into enclosed spaces is now very easy.

Date: Sep 30, 2020

The SureCount® Automatic Occupancy Control (AOC) system detects and alerts users and staff about the number of people present in a defined space. Just set the number of people allowed at a time and the SureCount® AOC system does the rest.

The easy-to-read displays make it simple for users to see whether they can enter or not. Staff on duty are free to focus on more important issues than counting the number of people going in and out.

Once the desired number is reached, the entry can be denied until the requisite number of people exit and the SureCount® AOC system shows it is safe to enter once again.

The SureCount® Automatic Occupancy Control system uses thermal imaging to detect the movement of people. Thermal imaging collects no facial imagery or any other biometric data so the system is privacy-compliant in all manners. In addition, thermal imaging is not dependent on light and can count people even in situations of low light.

Working independently of existing IT networks, this AOC system is highly accurate and easily scalable. It can be used to monitor occupancy of entire buildings, individual rooms or anything in between. Some example use cases are:

•    Retail stores and supermarkets

•    Higher education

•    Corporate workplaces

•    Restaurants, hospitality and leisure facilities

•    Washrooms

Whether the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applicable in EU countries, various federal and state laws concerning privacy in the USA, or privacy and data laws in any other country, the SureCount® AOC system is fully compliant with all of them.

So, go right ahead with a SureCount® AOC system in your facility or premises. More so in areas where privacy is of the utmost importance. Because the SureCount® People Counting system counts the number of people and not individuals.


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