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Electronic Shelf Labels

The Smart Way to Display

Simplify your pricing display with a wireless solution that provides control at your fingertips. For unparalleled ease of use.

Electronic Anti-theft System

Lose Less and Earn More

Protect your merchandise with a designed and built for India system that is rugged and flexible. And adaptable to your needs.

People Counting

Smart Footfall Data for Smart Businesses

A versatile and reliable solution that provides conversion and performance metrics anytime, anywhere. At the click of a button.

RFID Solutions

Streamlined Tracking made Simple

Efficient, trackable, seamless RFID solutions for smooth operations.

Retail Tags

Made in India. Made for India.

High quality anti-theft sensors now made in India. For all needs, budgets and inventory types.

Wet Towel Dispensers

Healthier and safer than traditional towels

Offer sterile, convenient, and eco-friendly wet towels to your customers.

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