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Hyundai Motors wanted to test an automated labelling system that would reduce costs of paper and its disposal while improving efficiency of the manufacturing line and its managers. The main requirement was a 100% inventory data accuracy between the system and warehouse, and the ability to track this information on-site in real-time.


Deki’s SureSolutions division set up a paperless SureDisplay® automated labelling system with 4.2″ size 2.4Ghz ESLs as a testing solution for Hyundai Motors.


The SureDisplay® system from SureSolutions provided a real-time update system to display the latest inventory information through the interactive 3-colour SureDisplay® ESLs with LED and button functions.

The ESL LED blinking function aided managers to easily find their desired warehouse location, thereby increasing productivity by shortening pickup periods, and the button function increased the stock accuracy by easy inputting and outputting of data on the spot.

The successful use of the SureDisplay® Smart Factory solution by Hyundai Motors in their Sriperumbudur plant increased operational efficiency while being eco-friendly. The system is now being reviewed for use in their global operations.

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Digamber Singh +91 7065009503 • digamber@suresolutions.in
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