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Smart automotive manufacturing with zero paper, all efficiency. With SureDisplayTM ESLs.

An automobile manufacturing facility, like most other manufacturing units, uses paper for various applications in:

  • Warehouse, vehicles and trolleys
  • Inline job and quality control, process information
  • Equipment/tool management and picking.

The extensive use of paper means:

  • Paper cost including wastage
  • Printer maintenance and consumables
  • Inefficiency owing to delays
  • Manpower costs
  • Increased carbon footprint

This is where SureDisplay™ Electronic Shelf Labels come in with a unique solution that cuts wastage while improving efficiency manifold.

The SureDisplay™ Electronic Shelf Labelsolution is brought to you by SureSolutions®. The SureSolutions® portfolio offers a variety of business efficiency-enhancing solutions for various sectors. Some of these are people counting solutions, electronic shelf labeling solutions, and electronic article surveillance systems.

SureDisplay™Electronic Shelf Label is ideal for an e-pick list and for shop floor inventory display on the manufacturing line.

So, what does the SureDisplay™ ESL solution offer automobile manufacturing?

SureDisplay™ Electronic Shelf Label solution highlights

The Pick-by-Light solution via SureDisplay™ ESL provides manufacturing plants (and retail stores and warehouses) a streamlined picking process that increases accuracy resulting in business efficiency.

SureDisplay™ ESL can display up to 7 pages of information that can be flipped using two interactive buttons. The display can also be automatically updated remotely using software so you that the information is always up to date without any intermediary delays.

Whether displaying manufacturing instructions, inventory status, product information or even prices, SureDisplay’s completely sealed e-paper technology is reliable and shows the information you want to share with clarity. The displays are available in 10 different sizes to match specific business needs.

The SureDisplay™ Electronic Shelf Label solution backbone is a robust data management server. Regardless of the business size or industry, the data management server manages business data comprehensively and updates ESL content automatically.

What benefits does the SureDisplay™ ESL package offer?

Easy and Quick Operation

With the combination of blinking LEDs, two interactive buttons, and a user-friendly mobile application, even unskilled workers find it easy to find items.

Reduced Human Errors

There is no need to scan barcodes for each item and items can be simply picked off the shelves using the visual signal from LEDs. This means fewer human errors, more productive staff, and increased manufacturing efficiency.

Real-Time Speed

With a fast update speed, the person picking can immediately see the blinking LED of the SureDisplay™ ESL which indicates the shelf to pick items. Subsequently, the ESL will show the latest quantity available in the bin in a few seconds after the picking process is completed.

Long Battery Life

LED usage is one of the largest battery-consuming factors for ESLs. Thanks to extended battery lifeSureDisplay™ ESL LEDs have a battery life of 7-8 years even after heavy usage. That is several times more than your average ESL.

Multi-color Operation

SureDisplay™ has a 7-color LED, allowing it to be used in various ways. A specific color may be assigned for error indication, low battery status, or to mark the last item of an order list.


SureDisplay™ ESL gives operators the capability to locate all items on a digital map, thanks to location tracking technology. Even inside large distribution centers, workers can see the locations of all items on their list and calculate the optimal movement and work efficiently.

SureDisplay™ Electronic Shelf Label solution in use

The SureDisplay™ solution is already in use with two automotive manufacturers in India. In each plant, the savings in paper alone have been calculated to around 40MT a year!


Please get in touch with John M V, Product Head on john@dekielectronics.com or call +91 9311556653.

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