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The Indian arm of one of the world’s largest car manufacturers was looking to increase the efficiency of its assembly line with a smart system that would also improve the overall ambience within the manufacturing plant


Deki’s SureSolutions division set up a paperless SureDisplay® automated labelling system with two ESL sizes – 2.9” and 11.6” for e-picklist. The system provided top-of-the-line features including LED blinking and sub-Giga frequencies.


The SureDisplay® solution from SureSolutions provided a page change system, system stability and LED blinking functionality resulting in exceptional mobility to manufacturing operations.

The page change system ensured seamless data updating that was quick and efficient. The LED blinking function aided staff to easily find the desired warehouse location, thereby increasing productivity by shortening pickup periods. The stability of the entire system ensured reliable operations of the manufacturing line.

The SureDisplay® solution from SureSolutions increased operational efficiency with a smart ambience at the Škoda Auto Volkswagen India manufacturing plant. The system is now being reviewed for wider use within the group.

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