EAS System For Revenue Generation through Branding RF

  • Category: SureCheck
  • Sectors: Apparels and footwear
  • Model No. : PA450 RF
  • Technology : RF (Radio Frequency)

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Product Features

  • Avilable White LED backlighted advertisement pedestal
  • Integrated Riser and Bumpers for advertisement pedestal
  • State-of-the-art AcustoMagnetic System
  • Quick and simple synchranization
  • Multiple pedestal capable Control Box
  • Mono Transceiver or Dual configurations
  • High Detection rate on Hard Tags and Labels


  • PSU and dimmer set for PA 450 pedestat backlight - without mains plug (14-900.PSU.X)
  • AM control unit (14-01.D)

Optional Accessories

  • BT-01 Bluetooth module (13-045.CS)
  • eComm communicator (11-202)