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Smart automotive manufacturing with zero paper, all efficiency. With SureDisplayTM ESLs.

An automobile manufacturing facility, like most other manufacturing units, uses paper for various applications in: The extensive use of paper means: This is where SureDisplay™ Electronic Shelf Labels come in with a unique solution that cuts wastage while improving efficiency manifold. The SureDisplay™ Electronic Shelf Labelsolution is brought to you by SureSolutions®. The SureSolutions® portfolio […]

SureCheck® EAS systems for retail merchandise protection. With optional features that provide super benefits.

At SureSolutionsTM, we innovate and provide EAS solutions, under the SureCheck® brand, that goes beyond just protecting merchandise for the retail sector.The SureSolutions portfolio also includes people counting solutions, electronic shelf labeling solutions, and an innovative trial room assistance product that enhances business efficiency in various sectors. You could say that at our R&D Centre, […]


Have you ever thought in the past of world getting digitized?Digitalization of manufacturing using IOT is a transformation so compelling that it has been dubbed Industry 4.0 to signify the fourth manufacturing revolution. Industry 4.0 improves on Industry 3.0’s computerization. The introduction of computers in Industry 3.0 was disruptive due to the introduction of a […]