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SureCheck® EAS systems for retail merchandise protection. With optional features that provide super benefits.

At SureSolutionsTM, we innovate and provide EAS solutions, under the SureCheck® brand, that goes beyond just protecting merchandise for the retail sector.
The SureSolutions portfolio also includes people counting solutions, electronic shelf labeling solutions, and an innovative trial room assistance product that enhances business efficiency in various sectors.

You could say that at our R&D Centre, our engineers conceptualize and design products and solutions that really make a difference and are ready for extended use.

For example, SureCheck®EAS systems include models that provide ready-to-use features like:

Patented magnet/detacher detection technology

Our advanced systems are capable of magnet detection which means that any miscreant who tries to enter the store with a magnet or a detacher is immediately detected by the SureCheck® pedestal foiling any pilferage attempt then and there itself. This technology was patented by us back in 2009 and has been widely used since then.

Booster bag detection

Another commendable feature that higher-end SureCheck® systems offer is booster bag detection. Booster bags have an in-built mesh of wires that block an EAS system from detecting the security tags if any merchandise is carried away in these bags. The SureCheck® EAS solutions senses the presence of these bags at the entrance of the store itself and sets off an alarm that alerts staff to foil the entry of the miscreant thus saving any article loss.

In-built people counting

Integrated people counting is an add-on feature in select SureCheck® EAS systems which can be activated as and when required through remote access.

Systems with branding options for revenue generation

Certain SureCheck® systems come with an in-built backlit LED display that can be used for branding and advertisements with vinyl inserts. The branding can be changed effortlessly any number of times and the retailer can do away with the pain of covering the pedestals with branded cardboard boxes. The resulting savings in terms of time, costs and inconvenience is immense.

In-built remote management and alarm reporting techniques

Premium SureCheck® EAS systems are IP-based, intelligent devices that allow remote access for activation/configuration/servicing.

System alarm outputs can be configured to show the nature of the alarm – whether a tag/booster bag/magnet/detacher or a jammer – via a small LED display at the store entrance itself.

The alarm reporting feature covers:

Intimating the store manager on a smartphone app as soon an alarm goes off in a specified store.
Sending an email to a specified email address with relevant details about the alarm.
The alarm reporting interface has a checkbox-based feedback mechanism for information about the reason, action and resolution from the store end in case of an alarm.

Unhindered frontage

If a retailer desires an unhindered frontage or space constraints do not allow pedestals, then the SureCheck® Concealed EAS system is the perfect solution. Using overhead antennae, this system provides all the advantages of a regular EAS system thanks to its design innovation.

Designed to European style and standards

The SureCheck®EAS solution is designed, manufactured, assembled and configured in Europe with state-of-the-art technology for a seamless finish and performance. In use at leading retail chains and stores across Europe, USA and South America, these EAS systems are robust and ideally suited for the Indian market condition where noise levels play a considerable role in system performance.

Local service and technical support

The SureCheck®EAS solution is sold and supported within the country by an established network of distributors and resellers.


For more details on how the SureCheck® EAS system can work for you, please get in touch with Arun Menon, National Sales Manager, on +91 9311556639 or salil@suresolutions.in.

Mobile# +91 9911556562 or email enquiry@suresolutions.in.

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