A Division of DEKI

IndiSure 030 AM TRX

Boost efficiency with remote diagnostics, branding, and high detection capabilities


  • Network connection, remote tuning and management
  • Remote diagnostics for faster turnaround time
  • Buzzer and RGB alarm lights
  • MQTT and REST API accessible
  • Advanced SW features (tag-too-close, adaptive sensitivity
    adjustment, etc.)
  • Built-in jamming detection
  • Silver, black or white colour
  • Optional foil bag and/or permanent magnet detection
  • Energy efficient – about 20W power consumption
  • Easy-to-use ShopMonitor Lite Dashboard for alarm event management

Optional Accessories

  • Bumper
  • Shop Monitor Lite dashboard


  • AM 58 kHz tags, labels and accessories AM
  • S1000 deactivator family

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