Retailers are always faced with the challenge of securing their merchandise against shoplifting and thefts. This can be a real challenge especially during festive seasons and shopping seasons. This calls for a smart solution which can help minimize your worries. An Electronic anti theft system is the answer to your worries. It becomes even better when the system has been manufactured in India and can be customized as per your needs.Not only is the system state of the art but also combines our prompt after sales service to ensure your business does not suffer.

SureCheck Electronic Anti-theft Systems from Deki are based on a contactless, radio frequency technology that provides increased security and can be used across a variety of retail outlets. These range from supermarkets to clothing stores to, even libraries.

Reduced shoplifting losses
Increase in profit margins
Establishing a comfortable milieu
Credible customer relationships
Reduction in extra staff burden
Makes baggage checks redundant

So What does it mean for you?
• Lesser staff requirement
• Better attention to customers
• Image Enhancement

One time investment for you
• Stock transparency
• Stock savior
• Profit maximization

The SureCheck options
SureCheck is available in both Mono and Dual Systems.

The SureCheck Dual System offers reliable and efficient protection and works with most sticker labels and hard tags.
Using sophisticated recognition algorithms, the system provides near perfect detection and is practically free of false alarms.

The SureCheck Mono System is ideal where space might be a constraint and space saving is important.

Using a single antenna, the mono system can protect an exit that is 1.8 m across in case of sticker labels and 2.6 m when using hard tags. An increased pedestal configuration gives an excellent ratio between secured exit and number of installed antennas.

SureCheck Deactivation
The deactivation mechanism system is designed to ensure convenient and reliable deactivation of sticker labels at the point of sale through an easy-to-use deactivator pad. This deactivator pad can be placed on the counter or installed beneath the counter top. Deactivation can be integrated into the existing POS system to streamline the checkout process. Sales personnel do not need to locate or remove labels and the deactivation antenna can also be embedded into a hand-held bar code reader.

The SureCheck Advantage
• Excellent service and support as compared to other imported systems.
• Designed for Indian operating conditions
• More value for money with lower initial costs.
• Low power consumption
• Versatile , efficient and faster ROI
• Value adding enhancement
• Globally proven technology

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