Automatic Occupancy Control

  • Category: SureCount
  • Sectors: Apparels and footwear
  • Model No. : Irysis Vector 4D
  • Technology : Thermal Based

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Controlling entry into enclosed spaces to avoid overcrowding is now very easy. Whether a retail store or a mall; clinic or a hospital; airport, railway station or bus terminus; restaurant, bar or hotel; the factory, office or staff canteen, the SureCountAOC system detects and alerts users and staff about the number of people
present in a defined space. Just set the number of people allowed at a time and the SureCount AOC system does the rest. The easy-to-read displays make it simple for users to see whether they can enter or not. The staff is free to focus on more important issues than counting the number of people going in and out.
Once the desired number is reached, an entry can be denied until the requisite number of people exit and the SureCount AOC system shows it is safe to enter once again.