SureDisplay electronic shelf labels — The easy way to comply with FSSAI directions on labelling with sweets

SureDisplay electronic shelf labels — The easy way to comply with FSSAI directions on labelling with sweets

Date: Oct 28, 2020

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has made it mandatory for mithai shops and traditional Indian sweet outlets to display the “Best Before Date” on the container or tray of non-packaged or loose sweets. Displaying the “Date of Manufacturing” is voluntary and non-binding. 

With electronic shelf labels, food business operators can eliminate the printing, cutting, and placement steps from the traditional labeling process and save valuable material and labor resources to comply with the FSSAI directions.

SureDisplay® electronic shelf labelling not only replaces paper labels with digital labels but also improves the retail operation that is fully automated for pricing and product information labeling. It makes shopping more convenient and interactive.

The highlights of electronic shelf labelling from SureDisplay:

  • Engage in dynamic price management and real-time updating
  • Display product and pricing information in a clear and reliable format
  • Streamlined single solution content management
  • Provide customers with complimentary product information through NFC integration
  • Eliminate time, labour, and expenses associated with traditional label printing
  • Drive profitability and help food business operators remain competitive

SureDisplay electronic shelf labels come with the following advantages:

Longer shelf life
More updates, more LED blinking, and buttons and even for tag positioning while you do not have to worry about changing batteries for a long period of time.

Have perishable items that you need to sell by end of day? Easily implement a price markdown in real-time leaving you with more profit and less food waste.

Better durability?
Electronic shelf labels can break for many reasons — they can be dropped, stepped on, or hit by shopping carts. No need to worry! It is not easy to break a SureDisplay electronic shelf label and this assures you that it will be with you for a long time.

Custom design
You can incorporate your company’s colors, patterns, and even your company logo with a SureDisplay electronic shelf label. Now, you can do more with your branding! Thinking of partnering with a brand? You can put their brand colours on these shelf labels!

Sleek design
The SureDisplay electronic shelf label design is sleek and straightforward, giving a premium and digitised look to wherever you choose to put it. It gives your shelves an upgraded look without taking away attention from the product itself.

Different screen sizes
With SureDisplay, you can choose from different sizes ranging from 4 to 29.5 cm. There is a size that suits your specific requirements.


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