Smart Document Tracking solutions using SureTrack™ RFID Label Tag

Smart Document Tracking solutions using SureTrack™ RFID Label Tag

Date: Dec 04, 2020

SureSolutions offers a range of solutions that enhance business efficiency for various sectors. From people counting solutions to electronic shelf labeling solutions to automatic occupancy control, the SureSolutions product portfolio is helping a large number of businesses to optimise and increase their efficiency. SureTrack is one more such offering.

Countless hours are wasted in locating and finding files and documents. That is because basic methods of document management - alphabetical filing, color codes, or even barcodes - still require active searching to locate the desired documents or files. And, the larger the number of documents or files to search, the longer it takes to do the job. 

An easy way out is RFID tracking with a SureTrack™ RFID Tracking Solution.

Just add a SureTrack™ RFID label tag encoded with a unique number to your files.

When you need to find a particular file, search for the unique number in the database, enter it into the SureTrack™ RFID handheld scanner and it locates the file with pinpoint accuracy among all the other files in the room.

What does SureTrack™ RFID tracking provide?

  • Easy user and permissions management
  • Quick search and location of documents
  • Documents checked in/out automatically
  • Life cycle tracking of documents with audit trail

What are the benefits of SureTrack™ RFID tracking?

  • Saving - You search quickly and efficiently with less time and resources and deployed. The result is increased output and less cost which results in savings all around.
  • Security - With automatic tracking of documents keeping tabs on them becomes simpler and surer.
  • Competence - Prevent the loss of documents with easy tracking and quickly produce the required papers when needed.
  • Reduced stress - Increased savings, efficient security, and competent document management mean reduced stress all around. Difficult to put a cost to that!

What does a SureTrack™ RFID tracking solution include?

Depending upon your requirements, you get:

  • RFID labels
  • RFID readers and gateways
  • Handheld RFID readers
  • RFID label printers
  • Software for document tracking
  • Installation and training
  • Maintenance

In short, you get a turnkey solution that takes care of your needs.

Want to know more?

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