Tailgate detection at access control points

The problem with most access control systems is that you cannot control the number of people entering secure premises. This can seriously weaken security systems making it easy for a person without a card or key to follow authorized personnel entering through an access control point. This is called tailgating.

Smart tailgate detection

SureAccess® tailgate detection uses high-accuracy, thermal imaging people counting technology to detect and track people by body heat.

The SureAccess® system is based on thermal sensing technology from Irisys®, a world leader in the field.
SureAccess® is suitable for use with most access systems for an effective means to increase door security and applicable at:

  • Government/Defence establishments
  • Financial/Cash centers
  • Data centers
  • Utilities
  • Pharmaceutical/Healthcare facilities

SureAccess® works by:

  • Detecting unauthorized entry
  • Increasing door security
  • Enforcing the use of card, badge or biometric access control
  • Improving roll-call accuracy

The SureAccess® advantage:

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