A tailgate detection system is a synonym of innovation in enhancing the level of security. This access control designed to help manage authorized access of a person into secure areas. It establishes a secured arrangement in which only a recognized person can enter with an authentic card swipe in the facility.

Tailgate detector works in collaboration of access control system for the detection of a person with an unauthentic card through the passage of a controlled door. This device is functional on a highly sophisticated thermal imaging technology and counts people by sensing their body heat.

The tailgate system senses and processed count information on a cycle basis and the cycle initiated on the first use of an authentic card. It receives a granting signal from access system and each signal restart the cycle to allow another member to pass the sensing array

Seamless integration with extra security
Effective low light functioning, own illumination
In-built data fetching system for accessing history
Customised exit arrangement to manage exit modes
Immediate response to unauthorised entry
Up-to-date records and increased roll-call accuracy

Key Benefits
• Seamless integration- This tailgate detection device lays down an extra security arrangement to prevent tailgating.
• Functions effectively in low light because of its own illumination.
Data fetching function is in-built for the access of history and current passages.
• Customized exit arrangement to manage exit modes as per the requirement.
• Response through an alarm with every unauthorized entry.
• Keep every detail of card holder and increase roll call accuracy

Key Features
• High accuracy in detection rate is insured by using of sophisticated technology.
• Thermal imaging technology functional in any lighting conditions.
• Operation with low-false alarm rate.
• Whole system can be configured on easy web-interface
• Option of air-lock is available for interlocked doors.

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