Enhancing the customers shopping experience with a targeted delivery system is surely the way to boost your business. Give the customers personalized attention and they are surely to visit your store again.

SureTrack has solutions based on wireless personal area network to suit your needs.Whether it is retail, healthcare, fitness or security we have a solution for all. iBeacon based on Bluetooth smart , is a wireless personal area network technology designed for novel applications.
The beacon is a small, long life, zero attention device which can be placed in your shop, mall or art gallery. It helps your smart phone app to precisely calculate where your customer or user is at the moment.
You can use this novel technology to create new experiences for the customer like you can place an iBeacon near your offer of the day product and when the user goes near it, an automatic pop up on their smart phone will show them the deal or coupon etc.

SureTrack Features

• In door navigation to provide customers with a unique way to locate your products
• Hyper local content enables you to send targeted ads or content directly to the customer near the iBeacon.
• M commerce which gives you fast and easy mobile transactions with least interference.
• Extend your reach and increase your footfall by creating a unique experience using proximity of user to the iBeacon

Phone Requirements

• Should have Bluetooth LE or BT Smart or BT 4.0
• BTLE receiver should be always on unlike BT which can be off
• Basic data pack / Wi-Fi connectivity for downloading and installing app.
• Almost all capable Smartphones will support the Beacon