Banking and Finance

Banking and financial establishments are prone to have security breach in their restricted areas like strong rooms, server rooms,and record rooms. Many times an authorized person when entering these zones can be followed by unauthorized person thus causing a breach.
Access control systems allow entry to specific areas in a regulated manner. These usually include card swipe system or a turnstile based system. This provides a first line of security to restricted zones. We provide a robust designed yet simple to use secured access control system. SureAccess is the ideal solutions for you to secure your sensitive zones.
Most Access Control systems are unable to control the number of people entering a restricted area. Many times more than one person can follow an authorized person thus leading to tailgating. Sensitive areas need to be secured with tailgate detection and warning systems. This not only maintains integrity of the zone but also helps in informing the concerned authorities.
Keeping in mind the need of our clients we have designed a sophisticated robust and compact tailgate detecting and warning system. SureAccess powered by Irisys offers you the optimum solution for tailgate detection.
Tailgate detector works in collaboration of access control system for the detection of a person with an unauthentic card through the passage of a controlled door. This device is functional on a highly sophisticated thermal imaging technology and counts people by sensing their body heat.