Kamaljit Singh


Tailgate detection at access control points The problem with most access control systems is that you cannot control the number of people entering secure premises. This can seriously weaken security systems making it easy for a person without a card or key to follow authorized personnel entering through an access control point. This is called …

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High-tech engineering and excellent deactivation performance and RFID readiness. Count better, know more. SureCount®, the retail footfall counting system from Deki is a based smart solution that provides you with anywhere, anytime access. Web reporting by SureCount® gives you all your needed statistics at your fingertips. Reports range from daily distribution over the hours to …

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High-tech engineering and excellent deactivation performance and RFID readiness. Lose less, earn more. SureCheck® Electronic Anti-theft Systems are based on a contactless technology that provides increased security and can be used across a variety of retail outlets. These range from supermarkets to clothing stores to, even libraries. Add the RFID option and SureCheck® gives you …

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Electronic shelf labels that look smart and act smart. Electronic shelf label system is a display system that replaces traditional paper labels on the shelf. It allows you to get rid of manually changing price tags and realize price consistency between the cash register and the shelf price. Paper labels Electronic shelf labels Time-consuming, inefficient. …

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For a larger than life visual impact SureVision® offers ultra HD display solutions that bring visual excitement to indoor and outdoor environments. These rugged displays offer full-color, full-motion, dynamic, real-life like content and can withstand bright ambient light and extreme weather conditions. It has been found that around 70% of purchase decisions are made within …

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With complete disinfecting and sterilizing functions SureFresh® Wet Towel Dispensers produce fresh, disinfected, sterile, one-off wet towels to wipe away dust, grime, and germs. With their assured safety, SureFresh® Wet Towel Dispensers provide a healthier and a better option as compared to traditional towels and normal napkins, paper or cloth. These wet towel dispensers produce …

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